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Main rotor assembly

Products Mode: GT17-2
Min order: 10
Delivery date: 1-30 days
Productivity: 8000 sets/month
Packing: Neutral packing,brand name packing
Certificates: ISO9001:2000;TS16949

Product Name:Main rotor assembly
After Balance
Competitive Price
High Quality

1.Excellent service
2.Leading Technology
4.Prompt response and delivery

-turbocharger rotor assembly
-turbocharger parts Shaft and Wheel
-turbocharger repair kits

Turbo Parts: Shafts and wheels, Compressor wheels, Cartridges (CHRA), Repair kits, Thrust collars and spacers, Journal bearings, Thrust bearings, Piston rings, Compressor housing, Bearing housing, Turbine housing, Turbine housing adapters, Back plates (seal plates and inserts), Heat shields, Actuators, Oil deflectors, V-bands, Shaft nuts, and Gasket.

Various models of Turbocharger Rotor Assembly/Turbine Shaft & Wheel are supplied.

Clients who are in need of rotor assembly/shaft & Wheel please feel free to contact us and offer us model, part no., dimension, we will check and send you a detailed quotation.

We are also capable of sample custom. We can produce rotor assembly, shaft rotor/turbine shaft & wheel, compressor wheel as well as any other turbocharger/turbo parts according to drawings or samples.

Our Advantages:
1. Over 10 years of manufacture & customer service experience
2. Factories certified by ISO9001:2000 & ISO/TS16949 Quality Management Systems
3. A complete Range of Products
4. Competitive Prices & On-Time Delivery
5. OEM Service

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